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About us

2011 History
  • Amjilt Animation LLC has been providing all types of videos, and advertisements, including art and custom, with high quality, innovative design, unique solutions, and affordable prices since 2011.
2015 Mora Mongolia's first full-length 3D cartoon
  • Mora began making Mongolia's first full-length 3D animated film in 2015.
2017 "Mora" Tengis, Urgoo
  • That same year, it expanded its entertainment program to include IP TV.
2017 Zuuzuu's friends
  • “Zuuzuu’s friends” has initiated and implemented a 100-series project.

Zuuzuu’s friends is Mongolia's first 3D TV series.

Zuuzuu's friends have been hits since the first soundtrack of the cartoon was released, with 10 million views on YouTube.
● A total of 20 series were completed in two years.
● Each episode received 100k-750k views on the Youtube channel.
● New songs are released every month and are gaining popularity.

Difficulties in making 3D cartoons
-Human resources

In order to make a 3D cartoon, it was necessary to form a human resources team. Therefore, in addition to the core team, Amjilt Academy, Amjilt Cyber School, and Indian University graduates were provided with jobs, training, and human resources.

-Assets and techniques

To create a quality 3D cartoon, it needs a variety of hardware, such as a high-performance computer and a rendering farm. However, with the investment and support of the parent company, the issues have been resolved in a timely manner.

Our products

Amjilt Animation not only makes content, it also produces and sells by-products in five brand roles.

  • Four types of books and notebooks
  • Bag
  • Five types of plush toys
  • Plush toys with sound
  • Zuuzuu’s Tablets 2021
  • Zuuzuu’s Tablets 2022
  • Merchandise rights

    Zuuzuu's friends expanded their operations by selling the rights of 5 brand characters and signing cooperation agreements.
    Partner organizations:

  • Factory of Monsuu milk and dairy products
  • Monti Mongolia's first specialized brand of cotton and glass tights and socks
  • International market

    International market

    Our aim is to create mongolian content to be valued for world class content.
    Thus, as an example of its intention to enter into the international market, it is cooperating with Balapan TV, a children's channel in Kazakhstan.

    International market

    We work not only to release our content, therefore also have signed an agreement to launch branded by-products and Zuuzuu applications.

    Mongolian market

    Zuuzuu app's Mongolian target market

    The Zuuzuu app has a 1-year fee. This means that it is possible to give your child a comprehensive cognitive knowledge for a small fee per day.

    Zuuzuu app's Mongolian target market

    There are an estimated 300,000 pre-school children in Mongolia. This means that we will be able to sell 5,000 apps on average.

    Zuuzuu application

    Every day for 365 days a year, download the Zuuzuu app full of many other interesting, knowledgeable and fun content

    Zuuzuu app is a comprehensive product designed to expand the scope of children's education and cognition.

    The reason for making the Zuuzuu app

    Children mostly watch foreign content on the Internet. As a result, children who are just beginning to speak do not learn their native language well. In general, some children are not able to learn both languages of English or Mother tongue well.

    General contents of the app

    • Child's manner
    • Child's morality
    • Child's development
    • A view of child's life
    • Mongolian culture
    • Cognitive knowledge
    • Songs and poems
    • Quick phrase
    • Сургамжит өгүүллэг
    • Moral story

    All aspects of the content, such as fairy tales, legends, and oral stories, are tailored to suit the age of the child. Of course, Zuuzuu's friends cartoons are also included in the app.

    Advantages of the app

    • Creating proper use of smartphones
    • By completing the task in one step per day, the child will be able to accumulate a wide range of complex knowledge throughout the year
    • You can protect your child from smartphone misuse by using the phone for 365 days a year, performing different tasks on a daily basis and for a certain period of time.

    The "Zuuzuu's friends" serial cartoon is also included in the app.